AV Foundation
A Hands-on Guide to Mastering the AV Foundation Framework
Written by Bob McCune
Learning AV Foundtion

Book Overview

AV Foundation for iOS and OS X® Programming. Get Started Fast!

If you develop media-rich iOS or OS X apps, you can do amazing things with Apple’s AV Foundation. However, the framework is extremely large, reliant on cutting-edge language features, and poorly documented. Now, there’s a more productive way to master these immensely powerful technologies: Bob McCune’s Learning AV Foundation.

McCune’s live presentations and GitHub projects have already helped thousands of Apple developers get started with AV Foundation. Building on his experience, McCune helps you gain true mastery by creating real-world apps, hands-on.

You’ll build a voice memo app, custom video player, video editor, and an image/video camera app. As you proceed, you’ll master all the techniques you need to write your own advanced media apps from scratch. Throughout, McCune provides carefully crafted challenges and complete starter apps–all designed to help you deepen your understanding and make the most of Apple’s breakthrough media framework.

Now that Bob McCune has laid bare how this framework actually works (and when it doesn’t), get ready for a new boom in iOS and OS X media apps.
Chris Adamson – Author Learning Core Audio
The detailed explanations and examples are invaluable to understanding the concepts in AV Foundation.
Jon Steinmetz - Pixel Research Labs

About the Author

Bob McCune

Bob is owner of TapHarmonic, an iOS consulting and training company based in Minneapolis, MN. He has extensive experience developing for iPhone and iPad, and a deep understanding of their unique challenges and opportunities. McCune is currently engaged with clients working on several large-scale enterprise iOS apps. His 2012 Infinite Skills video training course Learning iOS Programming has become one of the world’s top iOS training titles. He founded and leads the Minnesota CocoaHeads user group.


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432 pages

Available in Paperback and eBook.

ISBN-10: 0321961803
ISBN-13: 978-0321961808


Written by Bob McCune

Published by Addison Wesley

Foreword by Chris Adamson author of Learning Core Audio


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All Rights Reserved.